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My Story


I was born in Glasgow but relocated to the beautiful city of Norwich almost 30 years ago. As a child I always loved art and constantly sketched everything around my world. Art was never seen as a career in my family so other than regular art lessons at school I never received any formal art education.

I worked for several years as a professional pen and ink magazine illustrator drawing life characters to demonstrate fashion wear etc. From there I moved on to working with acrylic paints, and finally started working with oils a few years ago and found my favourite medium.

I exhibit my own work locally, most often at St Margaret’s Church of Art in Norwich and online at Saatchiart.com I am also member of Norfolk Contemporary Art Society.

I love to support the vibrant artist community in Norwich where we are fortunate to have so many fantastic artists working and exhibiting.

Like the vast majority of artists I paint for the love and the aesthetic beauty, not many of us ever become famous or rich from our work - thus it ever was! But, my own small claim to fame was when in 2014 I painted a portrait from memory of a local Norwich character ‘Marigold’ whom I remembered fondly from the time I first arrived in Norwich. The story of Marigold and my painting can be seen here: Eastern Daily Press.

Some of my own original work is displayed in the Gallery page and is available in A4, A3 or A2 giclee fine art prints. Contact me for details.

Why did I start a Giclee fine art print business?


Well, for me it was first prompted by my attachment to my own art. I rarely put my own original artwork up for sale. This is because often the subjects are very dear to me and I feel I could not put a financial value on them. So, selling the finest quality prints of my art is a good solution for me. That is my reason, but another is: How many times have you sold a picture you really liked only find that more people wanted to buy it, and that you could have sold it many times over? If like me you have sold work and are left with no record (apart from maybe a poor quality photo of it hanging at an exhibition, then maybe you too should think of having your work professionally copied and printed.


When I first learned of giclee printing I was very excited by the process and thought I would like to get my own work produced in that form, but that’s when I discovered how few professional printers undertake this kind of printmaking. This is not surprising because on the whole giclee art done properly is time consuming and not particularly financially viable compared to making canvas banners, leaflets and business cards. Giclee printing is in my view an art in itself. Time and experience is needed to produce the highest quality prints possible. So, being the perfectionist I am I decided to learn to do the process myself. I invested in the equipment and spent the time and effort teaching myself through trial and error learning what it takes to produce beautiful giclee prints.

Over time my print exhibitions attracted enough attention for me to start receiving enquiries from other local artists looking for prints of their own work. I happily took on these commissions initially to help to spread the cost of the very expensive Epson pigments ink I use. Eventually the few jobs turned into a steady flow of work and I decided to put much more time into the project and form the business Wellington Green Giclee Prints.

This to me is a labour of love, and as an artist myself, you can rest assured I will employ the same time and attention to detail in making your prints as I do with my own.

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Lisa McIntyre                                                      'Natta' by Lisa McIntyre